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Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery is open to the public during daylight hours. Normal business hours for cemetery personnal are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except holidays.   The cemetery is located north of town on main street.  

If you have any questions about purchasing cemetery lots please contact the city office during normal business hours.

Cemetery grave spaces             Residence:  $250.00        Non-Resident $500.00

Opening & Closing Rates:

Normal Interment Monday - Friday   $350.00  

Saturday Normal Interment: $400.00

Opening and Closing Cremation:  Monday - Friday $100.00  

Cremation Opening and Closing Saturday $150.00





Mowing season is upon us, the cemetry committee will be cleaning the gravesites and removing all enclosures, statue shepherd hooks, bricks, fences, wooden timbers or any permanent obstruction in and around the cemetery , this includes around the graves. Any item on the head stones, they will be left alone those are acceptable.

Cemetery Rules Section 11-104  1. It is unlawful for any person to place curbs, enclosures, walks or permanent obstruction in the cemetery per our rules and regulations. If you would like to keep the items that you have placed on your family's grave please collect them off of the site .

Items  picked up off the ground by the cemetery committee is always placed under the shelter so you can go and retrieve them.  It is highly recommended that if you want the items please take the time yourself and remove them off the ground at  your loved one grave site . Removed items are placed under the shelter for you to pick up.  The town is  not responsible for items that are left under the shelter after being taken off. We are trusting that people would only take the item that was on thier loved ones site. Unfortuantly people think that items under the shelter is for the taking. Please if the items is not yours do not take it.

The cemetery committee welcomes volunteers . If anyone is interested in helping please contact one of the members on the cemetery committee.  Cemetery Officials reserve the right to remove any structures or objects they deem objectionable per our rules and regulations. Section 11-104

The maintance of the grounds is a ongoing process during mowing season.    

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Plans of improvement;

1. Putting concrete slabs under the military stones at Greenwood. So many are sinking and they are going to be brought up even with the ground and a slab placed under them.  (need volunteers to help pour the slabs and prepare them to be set)

2. Plans in work to purchase markers to place on graves of family buried at Greenwood who has no marker to mark there burial spot. (If you know of a grave not marked let Peggy know at the  city office. 918-483-8331.)

 The items in # 1 and #2 are being made possible by the fundraisers the committee had and your genereous donations earmarked for this cause. Thanks to all that purchased raffle tickets and attended the bean supper and make generous donations to make this dream happen.

Cemetery Committee Members

Sharon Payne 918-638-1912

Mary Gist  918-351-5782

Micki Willard 918-760-0083


Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Relevant Documents

Cemetery Rules and Regulations ( DOCX / 195 KB )

Group Members

Cemetery Committee
Sharon Payne

Cemetery Committee
Mary Shepherd-Gist

Cemetery Committee
Micki Willard