City Clerk

The City Clerk serves as the link between City Council and citizens .

The office of City Clerk for Town of Porter provides clerical, record keeping and administrative functions to the City Council.  In addition, this individual performs many tasks that assist in guiding and managing the operation of local government policy and law.  Below are just a few of the responsibilities of Town of Porter City Clerk.

  • Keep the journal of the proceedings of the board of trustees; and
  • Enroll all ordinances and resolutions passed by the board of trustees in a book or set of books kept for that purpose; and
  • Have custody of documents, records, and archives, as may be provided by law or by ordinance, and have custody of the town seal; and
  • Attest and affix the seal of the town to documentsas required by law or by ordinance; and 
  • Have other powers, duties, and functions related to his statutory duties as may be prescribed by law or by ordinance

Contact Info

Shirley Herring
Town Clerk
617 S. Main Porter OK 74454