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Registering your dog with the Town of Porter  will help us reunite the owner with  animal. The registration fee is $5.00. You will recieve a tag that should be placed on the collar. 

To get your dog registered you  will need to supply the description of the animal including it's name, proof of current rabies vaccination , breed and sex, and the owner's and / or keepers name and address This information will be keep on file so that you can be notified in case it has been picked up. To be able to notify the rightful owner the tag has to be worn on the dogs collar.



       A. It is the duty of the Town of Porter to take in any animal that may be in violation of Section 4-104 Animals running at large upon the streets, curbing, alleys, public places or tespassing upon the land of any person within the corporate limits of the Town, and impound such animal.  An animal impouded by virtue of this chapter shall be realeased to the owner of person entitiled to the possession thereof upayment of the cost of feeding such animal a sum as set by the Town Board of Trustees.

       B. If the owner or person entitled to the possession of any animal impounded under this chapter does not procure the release of such animal within forty - eight (48) hours after impoundment, the town will post a description of the animal in the town clerks office  which shall give the color, sex, and description o the animal impounded and shall state that the animal will be sold, or otherwise disposed of  unless it is realeased from impoundment on a date not less then five  (5) days from the date the notice or description is postec in the Clerk's office.  Any days that the  shelter is closed to the public shall not be included in the five (5) day period.

   C. If the owner or person entitled to the possession of any animal impounded under this section is known to any Police officer or animal control officer shall notify known owner in writing  on the first offense, no other warning will be issued, that the animal will be destroyed or disposed of unless the owner or other person releases such animal from impoundment. If owner fails to secure release of said animal, the animal shall be presented for adoption and the adoptee shall thereafter have complete ownership of such animal.

    D. Proceeds of the sale of animals sold under this section, there shall be first  paid the cost of feeding the animals and the cost of publishing the notice of sale. The residue shall be paid into the office of the Town Clerk and placed to the credit of the general fund.  (Amended 1998, 2006)

     E. Any authorized officer may enter on the premises of the owner or other private premises to take an animal into custody which in in violation of this chapter. (Amended 1998- 2006)

     F. Any authorized officer or employee of the Town may enter on the premises of the owner or other private premises to take an animal into custody which is in violation of this chapter. (Amended 1988,1994, 1998)



The following fines apply to owners of dogs impounded for running at large:

1st offense                Warning

2nd offense                $40.00 plus $10.00 per day

3rd offense                 $80.00 plus $10.00 per day

4th offense                  $160.00 plus $10.00 per day/court appearance required

(Amended 1988,1994,1998, 2006)



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Frequently Asked Questions

If a dog is not picked up after the required days of impound can a person of interest adopt the dog.

Yes any animal impounded and not claimed within the 5 days that is required to claim the lost animal can be adopted by someone who is interested in owning it.  The new owner needs to  register the  dog  with the town if the  dog will be living  with adoptive owner in  the city limits.